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Title: My bucket challenge, Vancouver WA.
Post by: Dan on August 30, 2014, 07:23:39 AM
I have been Challenged by my sister Pam to do the ALS bucket challenge. Being a business owner I did not want to just dump cold water on my head or just give $100.00. So I decided that I knew my neighbor was diagnosed last year with ALS. I have known him for many years and he was very concerned about having ALS. He was a Washougal Volunteer Fireman, and a member of the Washougal Bunch. Bob and I were not good close friends or anything but we worked together years ago at the Paper Mill and he purchased a Jeep from me years ago. Two years ago my company gave him a bid on a new heating system. After that when I talked to him about the heating system he told me about his diagnosis of ALS. He was very concerned about what it was going to do to him and his family. I decided that I would make my challenge about and for him. (Bob Dawson.) So, as it turns out, today, I was having a meeting about my ALS Bucket Challenge in my office. I decided that I wanted my neighbor Bob to be a big part of my challenge because I knew he had ALS and what he must be going through. I could not rightfully get them involved without telling Bob and his wife. After the meeting I went to Bob's house to talk to him and his wife about my plan. When I knocked on the door his wife Charlene answered the door and I asked her if Bob was home and could I talk to him. As her eyes filled up with tears she had to tell me that Bob had passed. He died last month she said very sadly. OMG!,,,, I am so sorry I said. She told me she thought they had a lot more time. I cannot imagine, and I am so sorry I did not know. Anyway, my bucket challenge will be about the late Bob Dawson and for this family. Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling Inc. with the help of Lennox will be donating a 100% free ductless heat pump to the Dawson family. (Thank you to our customers who make it possible!) And to Mrs Dawson we are truly sorry about the loss of your husband Bob. I will take the ice for Bob on Friday at 1:00pm on the corner of 6th and C Washougal WA. 98671 We will also have an open house with free hot dogs, hamburgers with water or soda. I will also give my $100.00 to the ALS organization. Stop by and join us, Friday September 5th 2014.
Title: Re: My bucket challenge, Vancouver WA.
Post by: Dan on September 06, 2014, 09:36:17 AM
This is the video of my A.L.S Bucket Challenge. Thank you to our customers for making this possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcbAI8xmvfk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcbAI8xmvfk)