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Do you have questions about Geothermal Heating and Cooling? Do you have a Geothermal Heat Pump installed in your home in Battle Ground WA? Or would you like one? Do you know who to call to maintain it? Or repair it if you have a problem? If you do not know who to call or just don't want to call the other guys that you already tried, Look no further. Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling is the leader in Geothermal Heating and Cooling. We service all brands and can get you the warranty parts you need even if we did not install your system. Last year I was told by my supplier that Dan's Top Notch sold more WaterFurnace Geothermal Heat Pumps then any other contractor in the Northwest! Dan's Top Notch has been installing and servicing Geothermal Heat Pumps since 1997. That year I, (Dan) went to IGSHPA training and certification in Jackson Hole WY. Planning to lead the way into the future.  Now we have years of experience. You can trust that we are fully trained and certified on these types of systems. We have installed allot of them and we look forward to installing and/or servicing yours! 

Call today we can help!

CALL (360) 835-9364
If you do not have a Geothermal heat pump and would like a free bid to have one installed. Give us a call. Financing available. We also take all major credit cards.
(Click Here To Join Our General Discussion) / Geothermal heat pump repair La Center WA.
« Last post by Dan on January 24, 2013, 08:48:17 AM »
Do you have a Geothermal Heat Pump installed in your home in La Center WA Ridgefield WA. White Salmon WA?
 and do not know who to call to maintain it? Or repair it? Look no further. Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling has been installing and servicing Geothermal Heat Pumps since 1997 and are fully trained and certified on these types of systems. Call today and save.

CALL (360) 835-9364 or Toll Free (800) 580-2550
If you do not have a Geothermal heat pump and would like a free bid to have one installed. Give us a call. Financing available. We also take all major credit cards.
Why does my heat pump not produce the heat that it use to produce? It seems that the air temperature is cooler then it use to be. There are a few reasons that this might happen.

1) Your indoor coil is getting dirty, it has dust and dirt built up on it and it will not let the heat transfer like it did when it was new. It may simply need to be professionally cleaned. If you could imagine going outside in the cold without gloves. Your hands get cold and the heat transfers quickly because you don't have any gloves. As your indoor coil gets dirty it is allot like putting gloves on your hands to keep the heat in. Now the coil is protected and the heat does not transfer. Not being able to transfer the heat also raises head pressure in the unit. This will cause undo wear on the system and raises the Electric Bill.

2) Low refrigerant levels. Your heat pump system should never lose refrigerant. This is a sealed system. If you are low on refrigerant than you have a leak and in the State of Washington it is required that it gets fixed or reclaimed and shut down. If you simply add the refrigerant the first time it is low, this is ok. Although as a heating contractor who abides by the laws of the State of Washington we can only do this three times and then we have to stop and require that it is leak searched and fixed. This leaking refrigerant is bad for our environment.

3) Very low outdoor temperatures yet not freezing. At about 35* outside. During this temperature you may get the defrost cycle. This is caused by frost building up on the outdoor unit. During defrost the outdoor unit will shut off it's fan. The air conditioner will turn on with no fan sending boiling hot refrigerant out to the outdoor unit to defrost it. When this happens the indoor strip heat comes on so you do not feel the air conditioned air, you feel the heat from the strip heater in the system. If this strip fail or even a portion of it fails you may get cold, or colder air coming from the ducts.

If your system is not producing heat like it use to then give us a call. We would be glad to help.

CALL TODAY (360) 835-9364
(Click Here To Join Our General Discussion) / Columbia Gold Filters Washougal WA
« Last post by Dan on January 17, 2013, 11:53:29 PM »
Good News for Washougal and Camas residents. If you need a new Columbia Gold Filter in Washougal WA. or surrounding area, look no further. At Dan's Top Notch we have 20x20x4 and 20x25x4 in stock. Check our prices!

(Click Here To Join Our General Discussion) / Furnace Replacement Vancouver WA
« Last post by Dan on January 16, 2013, 05:58:20 AM »
Furnace Replacement Vancouver WA

When it comes to Furnace replacement Vancouver WA and surrounding areas, many people have found that Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling is the best place to call for furnace replacement, installation, service repair, maintenance, and/or replacement. Danny D Reude, owner of Dan's Top Notch, has been installing and replacing furnaces since 1983 when he started in the heating and cooling trades working for our competitors. Dan started this business back in 1993 ten years later. When it comes to Furnace Replacement in Vancouver WA. Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling is the place to call. Licensed and bonded for both Oregon and Washington. Check our prices! We are the competition.

Licensed, bonded, and insured.
Vancouver WA Furnace problems.
IF YOU NEED AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY SERVICE DIAL OUR PAGER SYSTEM (360) 803-0614 ENTER YOUR NUMBER FALLOWED BY THE # SIGN.When your furnace stops working and you live in Vancouver WA. What should you do?

First off you want to make sure you are safe in Vancouver Wa, most winter fires are caused by the temporary heaters used in place of the existing furnace. When calling for help you should make sure you know what type of furnace it is, is it gas? Electric? etc. Many people will already know yet some may not. If you get a gas bill every month there is a good chance you have a gas furnace and possibly a gas water heater. These appliances also have a flue or chimney.  If your furnace is a high efficiency gas furnace it will have a PVC or plastic flue. If your furnace is a 80% gas furnace or less it will have a metal flue. If in the end you cannot get your furnace going on your own, it may help to have the model and cereal numbers so you can explain what you need when calling for help.

Gas furnace: Prior to calling a contractor and getting a bill try this.

1) Check for any flashing lights. (This would be a blinking service code that will reflect service data found in a chart on the inside of the door or in the service and repair paperwork that came with the furnace.) NOTE: When you kill the power in the next step this code may be gone, write it down. Note: If you pull the door off this furnace you will erase this code, the door switch will kill the power. You must look for this code through the window on the door prior to taking the door off.

2) Go to the breaker panel and locate the breaker labeled furnace and shut off the breaker making sure to push if off hard enough to insure it resets if tripped.

3) Check the air filter and replace if necessary.

4) Check the door to make sure it is placed on the furnace correctly compressing the door safety switch.

5) Turn up the thermostat.

If your Gas furnace does not come on and you need further help in Vancouver WA please call Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling. (360) 835-9364 

Electric Furnaces:

1) Check the filter and replace if necessary

2) Check the breakers to make sure they are not tripped (Often if a breaker is tripped it is simply that the wire connecting to the breaker is not tight enough.) Check the lugs on the breaker if it is tripped for tightness. If they are tight you may need a technician.

3) If after checking and tightening the breakers the furnace still does not work, you can call Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling. (360) 835-9364 and we will be glad to help.

At Dan's we service all types of heating and cooling products. Trane Rheem, Rudd, Coleman, Goodman, Lennox, Carrier, Day & Night. If you have a heat pump that is not working and you need help give us a call. We would be glad to help.

(Click Here To Join Our General Discussion) / Ice on the outdoor heat pump, Vancouver WA.
« Last post by Dan on January 03, 2013, 08:21:41 AM »
Many customer in Vancouver WA who have a heat pump for the first time are amazed by the comfort they feel from this new system. A heat pump in Vancouver WA works on smaller amounts of btu's and it delivers them more often. This will allow this heat to move to all areas of the home more consistently. This method delivers more comfort in the home. Although when winter comes toVancouver WA and the outdoor temperatures drop down to the freezing mark, these system struggle to work without freezing. Due to this fact these systems require a defrost cycle that is designed to melt this ice when/if it forms on the outdoor unit. This is a mechanical system and has been known to have problems on occasion causing the ice to build up on the outdoor unit. Rule of thumb, (frost is fine ice is not!) When your system is turning white and you question if it is normal or not keep an eye on it and make sure that it switch's to defrost. You will hear a fairly loud "SWISH" and steam can shoot out the top. When your heat pump needs to defrost this is what happens. 1) Sensing bulb senses that the temp is cold and the refrigerant is freezing. Reversing valve switches, turning on air conditioning. At the same time as the strip heat and the furnace comes on sending boiling hot refrigerant out to the outdoor unit to melt the ice and heat the air coming out of the vents. The outdoor fan shuts off to stop the cold outside air from coming into the outdoor unit allowing it to warm up and melt the ice. (Many people notice this and call us thinking the fan is broken) Then at the end of the cycle you will hear a "Swish" again and the outdoor fan will come on and blow a cloud of steam out the top. This is a normal operation. Although if your outdoor unit turns white and it just builds up and turns to ice. This ice can cause major problems for this system and needs to be shut down. If your system is full of ice it can severely damage this system. If you need to shut down this system or your heat pump fails you should go to the thermostat and switch this setting to E HEAT. Or Emergency Heat and call Dan's Top Notch heating and cooling. (360) 835-9364 This setting should bypass the outdoor unit and allow the system to rest. Melting the ice and wait for a qualified technician to fix it. If you need our help, please call (360) 835-9364
(Click Here To Join Our General Discussion) / FURNACE REPAIR CLARK COUNTY WA
« Last post by Dan on November 30, 2012, 08:45:12 AM »
As we move through winter in Clark County WA. No family should operate their heating system without having a certified technician make sure all the safety devices are working properly and that there are not any dangerous carbon monoxide gas leaks in the system. Furnaces are easily forgotten until the problem is major leaving you with no heat on a cold day. At Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling, we use the latest technologies to make sure your furnace is not only safe in Clark County Wa, but is also operating at its peak capacity and efficiency. Right now to our Clark County Customers we are extending our lowest prices and offering our furnace safety inspection for only $69.95 We will let you know everything about your heating system. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We are NATE CERTIFIED. We have been in the same location  and in business since 1993. Available 24hr Emergency After Hour pager available 7 days a week.

CALL TODAY (360) 835-9364[/color]
Don't let this happen to you!

Cars Sliding & Crashing in Bountiful, UT, 400 north bountiful ut 1/21/2012
(Click Here To Join Our General Discussion) / GAS HEAT! Is it safe? Vancouver WA.
« Last post by Dan on November 13, 2012, 06:56:30 AM »
Gas heat if installed correctly in Vancouver WA. and checked yearly is very safe. The key is; if installed correctly by a qualified installer. Although gas heat does have cause for concern. If installed incorrectly it can be deadly! Many times I have came across gas furnaces that have never been inspected, and not installed correctly. If you have had a furnace installed in your home, make sure it is inspected. Some of the common problems we have seen on non permitted work is no flue or chimney liner, or the furnace is the wrong size and cooks itself. Carbon from the exhaust and water from rain down the chimney can create an acid that will deteriorate the mortar in your chimney and can cause carbon monoxide leaks into the home. (That is why, in Vancouver WA. these liners are required.) Your furnace has a lot of safety's and it protects you very well. Although, they are a mechanical device and they can fail. Checking safety shut off responses is a big part of our furnace safety check. Your gas piping has no safety's. If your lines develop a leak or have been leaking since the day they were installed and not inspected, this can cause a major problem. (Most common problems with line leaks that I have found but not limited to, are the connecting points to the furnace with the flexible connector.) If you smell rotten eggs this could be unburned natural gas. If you do smell this you need to leave the house and call your gas company. Yet a leak can be anywhere in the line system and must be tested and inspected prior to use on every new gas line installed. In most cased this connector that connects the gas lines to the furnace has a rubber seal and may simply not be tight enough. I would always suggest calling Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling at (360) 835-9364 and have this system safety checked. Furnace safety checks at Dan's Top Notch are only $69.95 in our service area, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We would like a chance to earn your trust. Call today and keep your home and family safe. Our goal is lifelong customers through quality, honesty, and reliability.
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