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Author Topic: Air conditioning Vancouver WA. How hot does it get?  (Read 12081 times)


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Air conditioning Vancouver WA. How hot does it get?
« on: August 06, 2012, 11:46:34 AM »
[How hot does it get in Vancouver WA? And what about Air Conditioning? Do I need Air Conditioning in Vancouver WA? These are good questions and there are many answers. Obviously there is the technical data that tells you the exact temperature of many given locations on any given day, most likely this was not documented at your house and this could be different. You can use this data to relate to what you could expect, yet if you believe in Global Warming and the effects, you can most likely know that anything can happen. The weather can turn in a very extreme way very quickly. Hot or Cold. This week 70* next week who knows! All I am saying is it never hurts to be ready!
If you would like a quote on a new A-C in Vancouver WA. Give us a call.

Always free quotes on new equipment (360) 835-9364
If you already have and Air conditioner in Vancouver WA You really need to have it maintained to keep this system in Top Notch condition. By having it service by a Top Notch Company like Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling would allow your A-C Vancouver WA to work with minimum ware under extreme load conditions. Keeping the coils clean and the capacitors in good working order can save thousands in repair bills if the unit should fail. Most times when a Air Conditioner fails it fails when you need it the most. Many times these calls are because of a indoor fan motor, or outdoor fan motor, or even the compressor has failed. When we check the capacitor we find that it is bad and most likely has been bad for a while. (This is what caused the other expensive problems that we now face.) The capacitor is a fairly cheap part and all it does is assists the start up of these other components. This Air Conditioning unit will work with a week capacitor for a while, yet failure of the other parts soon fallow and they cost a lot more. Bad Capacitor can only be found early with yearly maintenance and should be checked every summer prior to use.

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