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Author Topic: GAS HEAT! Is it safe? Vancouver WA.  (Read 5937 times)


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GAS HEAT! Is it safe? Vancouver WA.
« on: November 13, 2012, 06:56:30 AM »
Gas heat if installed correctly in Vancouver WA. and checked yearly is very safe. The key is; if installed correctly by a qualified installer. Although gas heat does have cause for concern. If installed incorrectly it can be deadly! Many times I have came across gas furnaces that have never been inspected, and not installed correctly. If you have had a furnace installed in your home, make sure it is inspected. Some of the common problems we have seen on non permitted work is no flue or chimney liner, or the furnace is the wrong size and cooks itself. Carbon from the exhaust and water from rain down the chimney can create an acid that will deteriorate the mortar in your chimney and can cause carbon monoxide leaks into the home. (That is why, in Vancouver WA. these liners are required.) Your furnace has a lot of safety's and it protects you very well. Although, they are a mechanical device and they can fail. Checking safety shut off responses is a big part of our furnace safety check. Your gas piping has no safety's. If your lines develop a leak or have been leaking since the day they were installed and not inspected, this can cause a major problem. (Most common problems with line leaks that I have found but not limited to, are the connecting points to the furnace with the flexible connector.) If you smell rotten eggs this could be unburned natural gas. If you do smell this you need to leave the house and call your gas company. Yet a leak can be anywhere in the line system and must be tested and inspected prior to use on every new gas line installed. In most cased this connector that connects the gas lines to the furnace has a rubber seal and may simply not be tight enough. I would always suggest calling Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling at (360) 835-9364 and have this system safety checked. Furnace safety checks at Dan's Top Notch are only $69.95 in our service area, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We would like a chance to earn your trust. Call today and keep your home and family safe. Our goal is lifelong customers through quality, honesty, and reliability.
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