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Author Topic: Why should you check and replace your air filter?  (Read 8159 times)


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Why should you check and replace your air filter?
« on: February 26, 2012, 08:29:40 PM »
Your heating system is the heart of your home, if you do not change your furnace filter this will block off or slow down the air to your system. Causing your furnace to run hotter than it is suppose to. There are high limit safeties on your furnace yet often when they trip this safety, it may not reset and may need to be replaced by a professional. Air fallows the path of least resistance, if the filter is plugged the air may go around it. When this happens the dust and dirt that usually is caught by the filter will collect on your heat pump or air conditioning indoor coil. As your indoor coil becomes dirty it blocks off airflow as well, it also isolates the coil so heat cannot transfer the way it is suppose to. When in air conditioning the coils will condensate and water will come off this dirty coil and leave deposits of dirt in your coil drain pan, as well as your condensate drain line. As the summer ends and winter comes, the heat now comes on and this sediment in the condensate drain trap gets hard and baked. After winter this hard baked dirt will not allow the drain to flow the way it is designed and can be a very costly problem. If this furnace is in the attic it can flood and cause extensive damage to the home. A little bit of dirt on your coil can cause your system to lose up to 75% of its efficiency. This will cause higher heating and cooling bills. You should always use a good quality filter. If you install a filter you bought for .69 cents at some value store you may expect high maintenance cost. Pleated filters give you a very good value. A pleated filter has a larger collection area and may last up to three times longer then a standerd flat filter, cleaning the air and protecting your system. MAKE SURE THE FILTER FITS YOUR FURNACE. Make sure the filter seals inside the filter rack and does not let air go around it. We tend to overlook our furnace and simply neglect it until its really cold or really hot and now it does not work. We want you to be warm this winter and comfortable all year long. Your filter is a big part of how your heating system works. Change your filter often. How often depends on you, and your lifestyle. If you have a dog that likes to lay on the return air grill, your filter may require cleaning more often. If you take off your shoes before entering the house and have no pets, it may last longer. Anyway I wish you all good luck in 2012 God bless you and your family. If you need us please call. Before you call it is a good idea to check your filter, check your breakers to make sure itís not tripped. If your breaker is tripped you may need a service call to find out why. (Often you can check the wire lugs on the breaker to make sure they are tight. That often causes the breakers to trip from heat. If you do not fee comfortable checking and tightening your breaker lugs try placing your hand on the breaker and see if it is getting hot when the unit is running. If it is then call a electrition to have this tightened. Check your thermostat to make sure it is on. If that does not work, please call. (360) 835-9364 or our emergency pager (360) 803-0614 for after hours help. We are licensed bonded and insured in both Washington and Oregon. We are qualified, and NATE certified. We reclaim refrigerant to help protect our environment. Thank you and good luck, Danny D Reude Owner Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling.
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