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Author Topic: Heat pump replaced with a Lennox XP25  (Read 33245 times)


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Heat pump replaced with a Lennox XP25
« on: February 05, 2014, 07:18:00 AM »
The other day we sold a heat pump replacing a heat pump that I installed in 1994. I remember when I installed this heat pump originally about two months after we were done I got a call from the owner telling me that he called to tell me the good news! I said "Ok, What is it?" He told me that I cut their heating cost by 60%. WOW! That is good news! Yesterday we upgraded that system to a new Lennox XP25. This is the top of the line. Cat's Meow. This is an awesome product and we will install it correctly and designed to be ultra quite and last. So far since I started my business in 1993 This is the 4th system we have had the privilege of our customer coming back and using our services again at the end of its life. (99% are still running.) Our first and oldest heat pump is still working today. Our first customer Don S from Washougal used us to install his new heating system in his 3700 square ft house when it was built. His system was the first one that I installed after starting my business. That was back in 1993. Don's heat pump is still running strong. (He is still a maintenance customer and some day we will replace it.) Until then we just keep it running strong and thank him for his business. I heard a joke one time that said, ("How does an elephant climb a tree? Answer: He sets on an acorn and waits.) Our goal is lifelong customers through honesty, quality, and reliability. And I can assure you, a man who makes no mistakes doesn't do anything. We simply try hard each and every time to make it perfect. And 99.9% of the time, we succeed. Dan's Top Notch Heating & Cooling. Call today and be a customer for life. (360) 835-9364
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