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Author Topic: Air Conditioning Vancouver WA.  (Read 20112 times)


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Air Conditioning Vancouver WA.
« on: May 05, 2014, 08:25:42 AM »
         Everyone likes spring and summer, the weather starts to warm up and the flowers start to bloom. As the bees wake up and the birds come back, many of us turn on our old A-C in Vancouver Washington only to find out that it just does not work. Many of these air conditioners in Vancouver WA are up in their years, having old outdated phased out r-22 refrigerant. This refrigerant is ozone depleting and has been banned for use. (At least in manufacturing.) These units can no longer be built due to their toll on the environment.
   The new refrigerant, (Replacing the R-22.) is a refrigerant blend called, 410-A This 410-A refrigerant does not work as well as the R-22 in Vancouver WA. yet it does not damage the environment like the old R-22 either. One of the problems with this new refrigerant is the fact that with it does not perform as well, and is causing all indoor and outdoor coils to have to be made larger then the old R-22 coils. (Now they don't fit.) Also refrigerant pressures are much higher with this new refrigerant. Many newer homes that were set up to be A-C Ready years ago in Vancouver WA and around Clark County WA. Are now no longer A-C ready. This is due to the indoor coil size not fitting in the hole left originally for the indoor coil. This means that if you want to install a new 410-A system that was set up for an R-22 system, you will most likely in many instances have to remove and re-install or replace the furnace to make room for the new coil.
   In the event you have to remove the old furnace to make room for the new coil you might consider just replacing the furnace as well. After all the old furnace has to be remove and re-installed, you might as well install a new furnace at the same time when spending the labor to install the old used furnace back in again. The install labor is already included in the price making the furnace cost just for the furnace it's self.
   In the event you decide you want to buy a new furnace as well, what they have done now is, many of the new furnaces have been compacted into a very short box. This new style furnace helps to address the problems of the large A-C Coil's in Vancouver WA. This shorter furnace helps with the total overall room that your furnace and new AC take up.
   Right now would be a great time to test your A-C in Vancouver WA and make sure it is up for the task of keeping you and your family cool this summer. Right now at Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling we are doing complete system checkups for only $69.95 That is a great deal! Call today and SAVE! Call today BE READY!

   Our goal is lifelong customers through honesty, quality, and reliability.

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