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Author Topic: Air conditioning Vancouver WA.  (Read 26901 times)


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Air conditioning Vancouver WA.
« on: March 11, 2015, 09:27:49 AM »
When the topic of Air Conditioning in Vancouver Washington comes up, I Always tell people to expect HOT! In Vancouver WA. If someone tells you it does not get hot here in Vancouver WA. and you don't need an air conditioner, this is simply not the case in my opinion. Undoubtedly it will every year get above 90 degrees outside and very little wind. It is not out of the ordinary to reach high temperatures of above 100* degrees outside in Vancouver WA by summers end and carry this high temperature for days. Who knows how hot it will get inside your home without a new Air Conditioner in Vancouver WA? It is true that a well insulated home can help to keep the heat out, but this insulation is also a factor day 3-4-5 of real hot weather. This highly efficient home does gain heat. Now you can't get rid of it! With vandalism on the rise, breaking and entering, weirdo's creeping in to peoples homes and bedrooms. Sleeping with the windows open can be a hazard as well and definitely has it's share of risks. Risks  from people, dirt, bugs, crawling in to the kid's falling out. We are in business to help our customers battle mother nature no matter what the weather outside. So when it comes to Air Conditioning your home in Vancouver WA call Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling Incorporated. We can have you ready for what ever the weather throws your way.  (360) 935-9364 or Toll Free at 800-580-2550][/color]
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