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Author Topic: Heat pump Stevenson Wa.  (Read 5933 times)


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Heat pump Stevenson Wa.
« on: March 25, 2012, 01:25:32 PM »
Heat pumps in Stevenson WA. are a big part of energy conservation. When you buy a heat pump and use it to heat your home in Stevenson WA as well as Carson WA, you actually save lots of energy. Did you know if you purchase a heat pump and use it to heat your home it is simply like making your furnace 300% efficient. (Depending upon the heat pump you purchase) this number may very, although the savings are huge and the comfort is a welcome change. Here's how they can be 300% efficient. If you have a electric furnace and you use it to heat your home in Carson Wa. this furnace would be considered 100% efficient. It is 100% efficient because 100% of the heat made with this power used stays in the home. It has no chimney or flue. (If you don't calculate duct loss of course.) Duct loss is heat lost in the duct system. This duct loss would be the same no matter what type of heating system you have. Gas Furnace, Electric furnace, etc. At least any heating system with ducts of course. Mitsubishi Ductless heat pumps are the exception because like the name "Ductless" there are no ducts for duct loss. With a typical electric furnace if you buy one dollars worth of power from your local utility you get one dollars worth of heat. When you have a heat pump installed with this system you can get up to $3.00 dollars worth of heat for that same dollar paid. Servicing your heat pump in the Gorge is very important as well. Having your system cleaned and making sure it is running in optimum condition is the key to constant savings. Keeping your system clean and running good also promotes long life of this system as well as top performance. Keeping this system clean also helps to lower the pressure inside the unit, reducing ware and saving problems. If you have a heat pump in Stevenson Wa in the Gorge or you would like us to install yours today, give us a call. (360) 835-9364  Or email us by clicking the contact link above.


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