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Author Topic: Ground Source Heat Pump Clark County WA  (Read 5856 times)


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Ground Source Heat Pump Clark County WA
« on: May 06, 2012, 06:53:43 AM »
If you would like to install a new Geothermal Heat Pump in your Clark County home, Dan's Top Notch Heating and Cooling is the place to call. (360) 835-9364 We are a Water furnace dealer and have been installing Geothermal heat pumps since 1997. We installed our first Geothermal system in 1998. We are your local Geothermal experts. Don't be fooled by imposters who tell you "yes we install Geo systems" only to find out that all they really want to do is get in your home to tell you why you really need to spend less money and not install what they really don't sell. Who wants to buy products from someone who starts out with a lie? Not Me! Like I said,  "we have been IGSHPA certified in installing Geothermal heat pumps since 1997" and have never tried to talk anyone out of it. We know the benefits of Geothermal heating and cooling and the first Geothermal system that we installed was in 1998. Since then we have installed many! Just think, no more noisy, unsightly outdoor unit. Now more scheduled use of electric strip heat in the dead of winter when we need the savings the most. Lower heating and cooling cost. Longer run times for more comfort in the home. The ability to supplement the hot water as a by product of heating and cooling.  Less maintenance needed and less maintenance cost. Complete air cleaning and humidification and all with quiet operation. Taping into the earths renewable energy with longer life expectancy. Residual savings of another 30% when the system finely needs replace when it is old.  Average life expectancy of your existing furnace is most likely 15 years. Life ixspectancy of a geothermal system is 25 years. Although the loop is still good. (This means the loop will still be intact and working 25 years later when the indoor unit gets old and tired.) Did you know that with a Geothermal Heat Pump System on your house your system is up to 500% afue. his means for every dollar you pay to the electric company you actually get $5.00 worth of heat. That is incredible savings and it is what is called, GREEN! RENEWABLE! This will cut down on your carbon foot print. Geothermal heating Vancouver WA. Geothermal heating Washington State. Geothermal Heating Portland Oregon. We are licensed for both Washington and Oregon. Give is a call today! (360) 835-9364
[move]Geothermal heat pumps sold, installed, and serviced here. Expect the best in quality service and installation. [/color][/move]
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